Finding My Place In College

As I entered Berklee College of Music in the fall of 2016 as a songwriting major, (despite the huge smile in this picture), I was scared out of my mind. 


I can remember moving into my dorm with my whole family being there and excited for me. Yet I felt kinda…spacey. It all seemed to go so fast. The drive from NY, move-in, orientation, and then all of a sudden my family leaving and me being alone in a new city. I did not want to be at Berklee.

Many could say I did not want to be there because I had a boyfriend back home in NY, but I knew there was something deeper than that. (C’mon I’m an independent woman!) It sounds so selfish. Boston is beautiful and the perfect place for a college student. Also I’m studying at the best music college in the world!! Yet I didn’t want to be there?!

Songwriting is my way of expression. It seems like one of the only ways to express myself. I’ve been writing songs since I was 11 years old and haven’t stopped since. But, when the thought of being a songwriter as a career came about…it disinterested me. You know how they say never mix work with pleasure? That’s how I felt. My hobby/passion was going to become a job. Some people think I’m crazy because if I love doing it and am actually good at it, why not get paid doing it? But I knew my life wouldn’t feel fulfilled. 

One of my roommates came to Berklee as a music therapy major and I had never heard of that profession before. I remember thinking so does a music therapist just sing and help people get better?! 

The answer is yes, basically.

Once I learned the definition of music therapy and the vast jobs that come with it…I instantly fell in love!

So fast forward about 6 months later…I got accepted into the music therapy major program!! So my goal now is to get my degree and work in a hospital as a music therapist.

I also found out I will be studying abroad in Valencia, Spain next semester with two of my best friends!!!

I love Berklee, I love my new friends here, I love my life!

I can’t wait to see what the future holds.




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